CHENG Tingting was born in Hubei, China. She obtained her BFA from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in 2016 and is now pursuing her MFA at Carnegie Mellon University. She currently lives and works in Pittsburgh and Losangles, USA. Cheng Tingting is a cross-media artist who works in film, painting, sculpture, sound, and performance. She activates cultural archives in different ways to form contemporary witchcraft connections with the audience and deploys them as a way of resisting the commodity form by creating a sense of ceremony. Her multidimensional works often mix natural, artificial, and folk materials, and explore consumer images as promotional tools and capitalist advertising strategies. By breaking the official narrative of commodity fetishism, she has mastered how to fictitiously create artifacts of civilization from the animism of all things in a contemporary archaeological way and explores their contemporary ideology and relational poetics.

Carnegie Mellon University, MFA (2022-2025)
Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, BFA (2012-2016)

Regina and Marlin Miller Fellowship, 2022
K11 Emerging Artist Jury’s Special Recommendation Award, 2021

2021 DEEP DIVE, Ginkgo Space, Beijing, CN
2020 FRANKINCENSE, Gene Space, Shanghai, CN
2019 Warm Current, 798 Pavilion, Beijing, CN
2017 LOW FEVER, Yujia Mountain, North Road, Wuhan, CN
2017 GLOOM- ART021 Non-profit Unit, Surplus Space, Shanghai, CN
2017 GLOOM, Ginkgo Space, Beijing, CN

2024 Space Gallery, PGH
2024 SideWalk, PGH
2023 SENSELESS! Fram Gallery, PGH, US
2023 Fragmentation Resonance, Ginkgo Space, Shenzhen x Shanghai, CN
2023 Mercury's tail, Wuhan Museum, Wuhan, CN
2023 Swallow Mountain, Drain Sea, Linseed Project, Shanghai, CN
2023 Cover Operation, Performance in Miller Institute for Contempt Art, PGH
2023 Pareidolia Video Art Festival
2023 Variety! Variety! Variety, WQED, PGH, US
2023 Trust Fall, NIGHT OF SCREENINGS AND READINGS, Carnegie Museum of Art, PGH
2023 Lunar, JADED, PGH
2022 THE NOTE OF FOOD, Qiong Jiu Tang, Caochangdi, Beijing, CN
2022 Youth Painting, Shenzhen Box Art Space, Shenzhen, CN
2022 Recurring Riddles, Trealm Culture, Guangzhou, CN
2022 Critical Distance, Surpluss Space, Wuhan, CN
2021 K11 Emerging Artists, K11, Wuhan, CN
2021 Missing Home, Fukan, Wuhan, CN
2021 Spring Time, Trealm Culture, Guangzhou, CN
2020 THE FLEETING UNION OF PORTALS – Para-curatorial on the Move, Times Museum, Guangzhou, CN
2020 NikeLab amplifier, iag Museum, Shanghai, CN
2020 Big Ice, RS_PROJECTS NEW PRESENT, Nanjing, CN
2019 Daily Communication, Telescope Artist Lab, Beijing, CN
2019 Jubilation, scream, rest after feed, MOUart gallery, CN
2019 From the History of Exhibitions Towards a Future of the Exhibition-Making, Times Museum, Guangzhou, CN
2017 Visibility of Force, J Gallery, Shanghai, CN
2017 Refocusing, Fine Arts Documentation Art Center, Wuhan, CN
2016 You Won’t Be Young Forever, 235 Guangfu Road, Shanghai, CN

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