Animism and Its Form in Capitalism, 2023

In exploring spirituality within contemporary society, the perceived gap between animism and capitalism is smaller than commonly assumed. The influence of mysterious qualities in commercial products extends beyond mere triviality. Animism, as a traditional practice centered around mysterious power, envisions a cosmos where everything that is imbued with life, communication, and the potential qualities of a subject or agent. However, this practice is inseparable from its social reality no matter in what kind of regime or time…

Forming an Intimacy with Animals as a means to Witchcraft, 2022

The Zoomorphic imagination as a ritual is typical in many different places in the world. Humans go through several stages in the imagination of the animal. One is representation, such as the image in Lascaux[1], which could be a way of witchcraft. Here still have some imagining animals that do not exist to sustain the fear of the unknown things and as a metaphor for future control as the description of animals in Bestiary[2] implies. However, Intimacy with Animals is a trending term in today’s world within animal rights activism culture, popularized to include animal advocacy among other historical-ongoing social justice struggles, to finally be taken seriously when talking about animal abuse, Vegetarianism, and Speciesism. How animals are abused and exploited is just as serious and urgent as how humans are abused and exploited, so fighting speciesism will also help fight racism and sexism.

Aura Box: Animism in the Spectrum of Capitalism, 2022

In contemporary Western culture, especially since the rise of Wicca in 1950, Witchcraft has a negative meaning for women. The theory that Witchcraft is a remnant of European paganism became popular in the 20th century, and Witchcraft was developed to explain strange mishaps similar to the evil eye. The way of viewing the world as primitive witchcraft animism is a way of perceiving and explaining the world that is missing at present. Historically: Europeans have evolved from animism to polytheism, to monotheism, and the highest stage of science, from nature to civilization.

About the Frankincense 2020

When a tree is in its seedlings, does it have a chance to determine its final form and move towards its goal? Is there a chance to decide the time of leaf fall and the number of results? Humans saw this tree, standardized its shape, and determined its purpose. Thousands of years ago, we cut from the bark of the Boswellia and observed the milk-like sap slowly seeping from the wound of the trunk. And we finally choose the yellowish with little reddish translucent clot and full and pure color, and finally, condense it into frankincense. This plant-produced fragrance resin has gone through a long journey of region and civilization, spreading from Eastern and Western religious occasions to various industries in the post-industrial era, and is refined into essential oils and beverages for human use.

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